Companies and institutions show interest in the electric car hire in Malaga

zem2all in MalagaSome of our customers are wondering about availability of electric car hire in Malaga, and we will try to answer all your questions.

Hybrid, electric or hydrogen car hire

Currently electric cars are expensive and not for the normal user. Today we can offer hybrid car hire in Malaga at a low cost and with low fuel consumption.

As soon as electric cars are mainstream, you will be able to find them among our offer of available cars. We are aware of the proximity of this day; with the development of solid batteries, it is quite possible that both the autonomy of the cars and the recharging time will improve significantly without increasing the price.

At the moment we have hybrid cars for hire. We are waiting to expand our fleet and offer electric cars for hire in Malaga in our website; at this moment among our hibrid vehicles you will find the Toyota Corolla and the C-HR, both into the groups DA and LB.

electric car hire Malaga

Not long ago

The project ‘Zem2all‘ has created a great expectation amongst many companies, institutions and private individuals. Over a hundred people are already interested in participating in this pioneer test; this means that, at a subsidised cost, a total of 200 Mitsubishi iMiev cars will be circulating the streets; together with an equivalent amount of recharging points in houses or bases and other 23 quick refuelling stations in various points of the city, like in Fuengirola and Marbella. All of this, in virtue of an agreement between the town hall and the government of Japan.

Amongst the potential participants there are  average citizens, who’ll use it to get to work and back or run some short-distance errands; to fleets of vehicles of different sectors.

Those in charge of the project emphasised that the selected will depend on up to 16 different parameters; there are different types of users, with trips and frequencies of different use. There will be a selection made amongst all those interested.

Electrics car hire in Malaga

Tourists visiting Malaga require a larger autonomy and faster recharging for electric car hire in Malaga; but when it comes at a fair price the electric cars will be widely available.

The solid batteries currently under research or the hydrogen fueled vehicles will bring the use of electric vehicles closer to the normal user.


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