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Montes de Malaga Map

Montes de Malaga (Malaga Mountains) is a natural park located on the north side of Malaga city. It is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including chameleons, wild boars, badgers, foxes, polecats, weasels, beech martens, rabbits, wild cats, squirrels and several types of eagles and vultures. With our Map of Malaga Mountains you will find stunning views and a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. With its rich history and natural beauty, this area is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the area.

Points of Interest

Montes de Malaga has a rich history and there are many interesting places to visit. Some popular points of interest include Ecomuseo Lagar de Torrijos, an old olive oil mill that has been converted into a museum; Mirador del Cochino, a scenic viewpoint with stunning views of the surrounding area; and Fuente de la Reina, a natural spring with crystal clear water. Here are some other points of interest to consider and a link for you to check them on the map:

  • Ecomuseo Lagar de Torrijos (Map)
  • Mirador del Cochino (Map)
  • Fuente de la Reina (Map)
  • Natural Park Montes de Malaga (Map)
  • Pocopan viewpoint (Map)
  • Lagar de Jotron (Map)
  • El Agujero Damn (Map)
  • Botanical Garden (Map)


If you’re visiting Montes de Malaga and want to spend the whole day exploring the park, you can take advantage of your rental car and stop at one of the recommended ventas (traditional roadside restaurants) to try some local cuisine. Some popular dishes from the Montes de Malaga region include Plato de los Montes (a hearty dish made with pork loin, chorizo sausage, black pudding, fried eggs and potatoes) and Gazpachuelo (a soup made with fish stock, potatoes and mayonnaise).

Venta El Tunel is maybe the most popular and the best rated in the area. Feel free to browse reviews, photos below and the location:

  • Venta El Túnel (Map)
  • Fuente de la Reina (Map)
  • Venta Galwey (Map)
  • Venta El Detalle (Map)
  • Venta El Boticario (Map)
  • Venta La Nada (Map)
  • Venta Los Montes (Map)
  • Venta Galwey (Map)
  • Venta Carlos del Mirador (Map)
  • Puerto del Leon (Map)

Outdoor Activities

Montes de Malaga offers a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. You can go hiking on one of the many trails in the park; try cycling on the winding roads; go horseback riding through the beautiful countryside; or try birdwatching to see some of the many species that call the park home. Find below outdoor activities to consider and a link to a recommended place to check:

Hiking routes

  • Torrijos Route (Map)
  • Picapedreros-Boticario Route (Map)
  • Monolito de Contadoras Route (Map)
  • Lagar de Contreras Route (Map)
  • El Cerrado Route (Map)
  • Picoviento (Map)


If you’re planning to spend more than a day in Montes de Malaga, there are many options for accommodations in the area. From cozy bed and breakfasts to luxurious villas, there is something for every budget and taste. Find below some popular accommodations in the area and a link with the location, reviews and photos:

  • Hotel Humaina (Map)
  • Las Contadoras (Map)
  • Cortijo Los Pedregales (Map)
  • Casa Rural Lagar Martinez (Map)
  • Hotel Cortijo La Reina (Map)
  • Cortijo La Palma (Map)
  • Lagar Don Sancho (Map)
  • Casa Rural Mirador de los Palomos (Map)
  • Hotel Balcon de los Montes restaurant (Map)

Discover Malaga Mountains

Map of Malaga Mountains

Take advantage of your car hire in Malaga and discover the amazing landscapes and nature of the Malaga Mountains. With your own vehicle and our guides, it’s easy to explore this beautiful region.