Arrival at Malaga airport and transportation tips

For those traveling by air, Malaga airport is the fourth most important of the Iberian Peninsula and it is the first in number of passengers passing through the region of Andalusia taking more than 60 percent of transit in the community.

Tourists who arrive by this means of transport can so do from countries like Germany, Holland and the UK as it has a large number of international connections.

To reach the airport there is also an excellent public transport system joining the capital with the Costa del Sol via bus and commuter train that runs throughout the region.

This train leaves from the Malaga train station María Zambrano joining the Mediterranean coastal areas, thus it is widely used by travelers who want to get to the beach to enjoy the holidays.

Also from the main train station leave trains every day due to all cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia among others.

To make these trips you can choose the traditional railway line or using modern AVE high speed train, an amazing way to reduce the times to reach these towns, though the ticket cost is much higher.

For tourists who prefer to save money and travel by bus there is the bus station situated next to train station, with awide variety of services that enable those wishing to travel in this means of transport to reach a large number of destinations in the province.

Last not least for those tourists who prefer comfort and freedom of movement is available a large offer for car hire at Malaga Airport and Malaga airport transfers.


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