Luxury car hire Malaga

Luxury car manufacturers are always improving their models to make the perfect car. The main changes are made in the chassis (adopting really impressive shapes), the interior (including all kind of amenities) and the engine (this kind of car uses to be very powerful).

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of prestige cars available. You can find cabriolet, coupe, sedan, hatchback, station wagon, roadster, etc. from the top brands like Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and others.

These are the prestige models we are offering for car rental in Malaga:




GROUP LJ – Mercedes C Class
GROUP LK – Mercedes C Class Automatic


GROUP LJ – BMW 3 Series
GROUP LK – BMW 3 Series Automatic

GROUP LJ – Audi A4
GROUP LK – Audi A4 Automatic

GROUP LO – Mercedes E Class Automatic

GROUP LO – Jaguar S-Type Automatic

GROUP LO – Jaguar XF Automatic

GROUP LS – Mercedes S Class Automatic

GROUP LS – BMW 7 Series Automatic

GROUP LS – Mercedes CLS Automatic