Sport car hire Malaga

If you want to have the best experience on holiday, choose a sport car hire in Malaga with us. We hire some of the fastest and more powerful luxury models to offer you a really exciting experience at the best price.

Driving a sport car will provide a feeling that only those who already did can understand. We have some of the most powerful and fastests sport cars for hire in Malaga; all of them are in excellent conditions, remember we are not a broker so we take care of our vehicles and renew them when required.

These cars are especially recommended for people who are going to drive long distances, as they offer a very comfortable driving position and an outstanding on-road performance.

Some of the available sport car hire in Malaga

These are the sports models we are offering for car rental in Malaga:




XU GROUP – Audi Q7 Automatic

SM GROUP – VW Touareg Automatic

XU GROUP – Mercedes ML Automatic

Is a sport car hire in Malaga for you?

Wondetring if you should hire one or not? If having doubts then why not trying? If you want to hire a sport premium car you should do it ahead of time as the number we have is limited, so better to make a free reservation for being sure the car will be waiting for you at the desired date.

sport car hire in Malaga

Are there any requirements?

Yes, as the sport cars we provide in Malaga are premium vehicles, we have some minimum requirements:

  • Driver must be at least 27 years old with a driving license older than 5 years.
  • Our sport cars are covered by comprehensive insurance with an excess of 3000 € which can be covered for an amount of 25 € per day or by choosing the Full Pack when booking.
  • Remember that for picking up any vehicle you rent from us we need from you the passport or ID, driving license and a valid credit/debit card.

Are you ready for hiring a sport car in Malaga? Check our prices and remember that we are not brokers, so we take care of our cars that feel like new.