Marbella on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Described as a shimmering pearl placed on the shores of the Mediterranean, Marbella has long been the perfect place to enjoy the summer months.

A beautiful Andalusian location on the Mediterranean with no less than 24 urban or semi-urban beaches, where the summer is usually bustling with activity; think in enjoying water sports, mild nights by the sea in a city that seems to never sleep in this time of the year, with plenty of parties and nightlife everywhere. The sunrises and sunsets are often a burst of beautiful colors, which confirm that the summer in Marbella has been the best of our choices.

At just 58 km from Malaga airport, Marbella has everything you need to enjoy one hundred percent the summer without having to go anywhere else, and yet, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the stay to visit the city of Malaga. Malaga is a modern city where to go shopping and enjoy walks through the old town, as well as its varied cultural offer.

And even if you do not want to leave Marbella, which is understandable due to so much natural beauty and holiday atmosphere, sample the rich cuisine in Malaga with seafood, enjoying an international reputation because you cannot always taste the fried fish in front of the wonderful setting of the Mediterranean and without no hurry to go anywhere…

You can of course always escape to this corner of Malaga in fall or winter because there’s always something interesting to see or enjoy. And the Costa del Sol rightly bears its name; with around 320 sunny days a year we can enjoy a blue sky nearly throughout the year.

If you already think about your summer vacation, think of Marbella on the Costa del Sol; it’s a proposal for comfort and fun. The city has a good infrastructure of the best hotels and apartments to enjoy your stay in Marbella. To get to Marbella the fastest and most convenient, we recommend a private taxi from Malaga airport transfers or to rent a car at Malaga airport.


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