Malaga in Spain, not only a sun and beach holiday destination

The Costa del Sol is not what it used to be. If only a decade ago, the airport of reference of this beautiful Andalusian region, Malaga airport, brought central European tourists anxious to spend a month, a fortnight or a week doing nothing more than spending their days sunbathing and enjoying the cold beers, Gazpachos and fried fish, today, this holiday destination has become a place that attracts other travellers: those that seek more than sun and beaches, and for those we have special offers on car hire Malaga, check our quote now or after reading this interesting article about Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Cultural scene in Malaga

This new visitor is a cosmopolitan professional, from places far way from the Mediterranean coast like Japan or the United States that demands a cultural offer according with their preferences and education., and Malaga offers all of this.

While the Flamenco cliché is pretty much a thing of the past (as nowadays you can enjoy this traditional art in any part of Spain), we can’t ignore certain initiatives like the one organised by the Cervantes Theatre “Flamenco persists through time”. But this institution does not only live off Flamenco, it’s also in charge of organising the Malaga Theatre Festival, celebrated in mid-February, or the Malaga Film Festival that gathers all the national and Latin-American stars on the red carpet. And if this wasn’t enough, the venues, both cultural and festive, that hold these media events (the aforementioned Cervantes and the old Echegaray Cinema), have such a wide and continuous program that almost makes you dizzy.

Cinema, theatre, flamenco, mime, concerts or performances can be enjoyed in these two well-known buildings in Malaga, while the artistic expression, on the other hand, can be appreciated by visiting the city’s main museums: The Carmen Thyssen (with the collection of the baroness), The Malaga-Picasso (whose permanent collection belongs to the heirs of the artist from Malaga and the temporary exhibitions concentrate on leading authors of the historical vanguards) and The Contemporary Art Centre (formerly the building of Malaga’s old wholesale market, displays the most modern art to the interested visitors).

This cultural offer is completed, of course, with the rich artistic patrimony inherited, accessible for the great public. A visit to the Cathedral is a must and to the Alcazaba that crowns the city and that one day was used as a defensive bastion.

Other leisure offers in Malaga

In case this cultural offer wasn’t enough, the traveller can grab hold of a good directory of hotels with pools (preferably online as they are normally even better than the ones on paper) where you’ll surely find the ideal place to rest, lying down and reading that book you left unfinished, under the incomparable Mediterranean light. Over the past few years, at the same time the city of Malaga has been gradually reinterpreted, these establishments with gardens and swimming pools have also gone through a magnificent transformation and many of them have installed Spa services such as: saunas, Turkish baths, Haman or massages, the height of ‘love for luxury’ according to the canons of the fussy and demanding traveller.

While around the Cathedral, in the centre of the city, you can find plenty of small bars and taverns that offer a glass of wine and a light snack, Malaga also offers top-quality and well-known gastronomic restaurants, some of them awarded with a prized and cherished Michelin star.

Theatre, cinema, flamenco, visual arts, artistic patrimony, beaches, sun, gastronomy, walks, nightlife, shopping…Malaga offers the traveller all of this and so much more.


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