Mijas in Malaga will boost its Golf Valley as the main tourist attraction

The fact that Mijas is also known as the Golf Valley is not a coincidence. With thirteen top class golf courses, it is amongst the Spanish municipalities with the most facilities for the practice of this sport. An asset that the locality wants to make the most of by promoting the concept “The Golf Valley” as the main element of the tourist offer. Just like this, it was told by the Mijas Mayor, Angel Nozal, and transmitted to all owners, directors and managers of the resorts in a meeting in which he made clear that the main aim is to turn Mijas into “the great attraction of the Costa del Sol’s golfing tourism”, a sector that stands out for its high affluency, as well as benefitting other sectors like hotels and restaurants.

To achieve this, the town hall has proposed an action plan that will consist of a bigger promotion of the Mijas courses under the label “The Golf Valley” in supplying markets such as the British, the Nordic and also emerging central European countries like Poland. Furthermore, they will reinforce the access signs to the courses by installing distinctive elements of this sport in several points of the municipality, that will indicate the direction and distance to the clubs. This way, the tourists will find them easier and quicker. Those in charge of the courses have replied and have promised to start designing these new signs.

Also, the government has agreed with the sector that the golf courses will also contribute to increase the influx of visitors to Mijas village. For this, the tourist office will provide promotional material to the clubs, who will also have information space in all the local media.

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