Ryanair maintain their operations at Malaga airport

Ryanair maintain their operations at Malaga airport despite having cancelled fifteen routes in Spain

Malaga has avoided Ryanair’s cuts, the airline that moves the most passengers at Malaga airport. This Irish low cost airline announced yesterday that they will be cancelling fifteen of their routes in Spain, while they’ll also be reducing another 46, after the government’s decision to increase the airport taxes, according the company’s president, Michael O’Leary.

Out of all the cancelled routes, eleven affect the Madrid-Barajas airport, like the ones that connect the capital to Manchester, Frankfurt or Girona, while the other four belong to Barcelona-El Prat, that will stop connecting to cities like Hamburg or Trieste. Regarding the reduced routes, 24 correspond to Madrid airport, and 22 connections to Barcelona. Plus, the company have reduced the number of aircrafts from fourteen to eleven in Barajas, and from thirteen to eleven in El Prat.

According to Ryanair, these measures will affect a total of 2.300 direct jobs, of which 1.300 correspond to the capital’s airport, and the other thousand to the Barcelona airport. Consequently, there will be a loss of 2.3 million passengers facing 2013.

The president of the company, Michael O’Leary, affirmed that assuming the retroactive character of the air taxes would have meant a company expenditure of twenty million euros, a payment that has affected “approximately three or four million passengers”. After highlighting that the tax policies that the government is applying go against the tourist sector’s evolution, O’Leary demanded the Executive to break off relations with Aena’s monopoly.


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