Malaga airport News: Cancellation of strikes during Easter

The threat of a possible strike at Malaga airport during the Easter week and during some days in summer was perceived by both tourists and the tourism industry as a black cloud that could ruin both the holidays of the first and the economy of the second.

Last week, a temporary agreement was reached between the unions and AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), which yet has to be voted by the trade unions. However, it looks as if could emerge a positive development, since all parties are interested in a constructive solution.

Especially areas dependent on tourism like the Costa del Sol count a great deal on the start of the season at Easter, after the slump of the last years due to the crisis, the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the wildcat strike of air traffic controllers in December.

The 10,500 AENA workers, excluding air controllers, will vote in a referendum next Thursday, March 24, the preliminary agreement reached between the public company and the unions.

The unions, which are contrary to the privatization of 49% of AENA, are convinced that the preliminary agreement reached with the agency shall be approved by an overwhelming majority.

To vote are called firefighters, maintenance personnel and engineers, ITs, track flaggers, administrative staff, technicians and staff attending passengers.

The cancellation of the workers’ strike of AENA has come on very short notice. In the tourism sector there is uncertainty about the ultimate effect on reservations for Easter because, although there is no strike, many travel decisions have already been taken.

However, the industry is hoping that this Easter continues the trend of recent years and will be decisive last-minute reservations. In fact, the agencies are already starting to notice some recovery, and some major networks are reacting.


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