Cheap car hire Malaga

Cheap car hire in Malaga might be the option to consider for many tourists visiting the province. Let’s find out if it is for you and what can you expect from economy cars.

The following list contains some economy cars we have in our fleet. Besides being the cheapest cars in rental price terms, they also spend less fuel than superior models.


Ford KA

GROUP A – Ford Ka 3 doors

Opel Corsa

GROUP B – Opel Corsa 3 doors

Ford Fiesta

Group B – Ford Fiesta 3 doors

Ford Fiesta 5 doors

GROUP C – Ford Fiesta

Fiat Punto

GROUP C – Fiat Punto

Volkswagen Polo

GROUP CE – Volkswagen Polo

Seat Ibiza

GROUP CE – Seat Ibiza

Ford Focus

GROUP D – Ford Focus

Renault Megane

GROUP D – Renault Megane

Renault Kangoo

GROUP EA – Renault Kangoo

Cintroen Berlingo

GROUP EA – Citroën Berlingo

Is a cheap car hire in Malaga the option for you?

Booking a cheap car hire in Malaga can benefit in a lowest cost, contributing to saving during your holiday. Furthermore, the availabily is larger, so it is less probable than the price will rise much comparing to other groups; however we always recommend to book well in advance to avoid risks.

The car will be smaller than a premium car, which means it will be lighter and therefore save fuel. It is a perfect car for short journeys and everyday use, easy to park and with all the extras you might need, such as air conditioning. If, on the other hand, you want to make longer journeys, visit inland villages or explore Andalusia, we recommend a higher-end car that will offer more comfort.

In short, if you are looking for a comfortable way to travel from the airport to your resort and you want to spend little, a cheap car hire is definitely the best solution.


Although our models change over time, they always maintain a minimum of features. The cheapest cars for hire offer 4 seats and 3 doors; they also have air conditioning and power steering. An example of the cheapest car for rent would be the Fiat 500, belonging to group A; although it has 4 seats, the rear seats are not very spacious, so it might be ideal for families with children on a low cost holiday.

If you need a little more space, for not much more, there are models with up to 5 seats and 5 doors; these cars are perfect as they combine space and affordability. Examples include the Seat Leon or the Renault Clio, both of which are quite versatile.

For those who need more space  without getting a premium car, you can rent a model from the EA group such as the Peugeot Rifter.

We try to have vehicles adapted to every need, so in our rental groups you will find exactly what you need at the lowest price.


Remember that we are not a broker, so we don’t charge extra for the rental nor we want to hardsell any insurance. Check our list of prices and book online with total confidence without credit card. Our motivation is to be your first option for Malaga car hire.