Malaga: The best climate in Europe for our trips

The Costa del Sol (Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola and Torremolinos) has become a very popular tourist destination and a busy area for both foreign and national visitors.

The mild climate that accompanies Malaga favors not only the stay of visitors throughout the year, but also agriculture in Malaga. As the area is protected by high mountains from cold north winds, it produces in abundance lemons and oranges, sugar cane, all kinds of vegetables and subtropical fruits, which both please the eye and the palate.

Malaga, one of the eight provinces in Andalucia, is bathed in the south by the Mediterranean Sea. For the most part the landscape is very mountainous and wild, meanwhile the coastal valleys are known as the Orchard of Malaga.

To begin to unravel the mysteries of this Andalusian city demanded by national and international tourism, we suggest starting with a little stroll.

Taking a ride along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and reaching the south of the Iberian Peninsula we come to Malaga. This city has a history dating back thousands of years ago and which finds its origin in the sea when commercial sailors from the Eastern Mediterranean landed on this golden coast. Since then, we can say that the city of Malaga has been marked by an open, friendly and extroverted character.

Our tour now takes us to the city centre where you can see a mix of urban reforms of the nineteenth century along with vestiges of Islamic heritage whose trace can still be seen in some streets. The outstanding example of the old town is Calle Larios which is constituted as the historic centre of Malaga.

Encarnación, the name given to the monumental Cathedral of Malaga, stands in the place occupied by the Mosque-Aljama, or mosque of the city during a period of eight centuries of Muslim rule.

Other impressive buildings from this period are the Moorish fortress of Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Palace, located on a hill overlooking the city.

A much sought after tourist destination in the Costa del Sol is Marbella and this is not only due tothe magic nights of Marbella providing fun and party. Situated on the golden Costa del Sol, Marbella became a privileged place for its warm weather and very appealing to visit especially for some tycoons and politicians who maintain a significant flow of tourists, but of course, of considerable quality.

Six kilometres from Marbella city centre is located the famous Marina Puerto Banus where you can enjoy the night out until the wee hours of the morning on weekends and during the summer, almost every day.

The Costa del Sol is equipped with everything needed to provide the visitor an enjoyable and attractive holiday, not only in Marbella and Malaga but throughout these 160 kilometres of popular coastline. We are waiting for you!

Fore more information check our guide of Malaga.


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