Car hire Malaga – Now what?

Right, so you have landed at Malaga airport, in the capital province of the Costa del Sol. What to do? Where to go? There is plenty to choose from obviously, but for almost anything well worth a visit, you’re going to need a vehicle. Well, it’s highly recommended for various reasons, but car hire Malaga is mainly recommended to avoid all the kafuffle of public transport; which means you can relax and enjoy your planned trips in Malaga at your own time, pace and freedom.

Malaga is not only sandy beaches. It has the most beautiful, white, typical spanish villages up in the mountains with breathtaking views, historical monuments, interesting places to visit and characteristic bars that serve mouth-watering Tapas accompanied by spain’s best beer.

A perfect example of what i’m talking about is the village of Mijas. It is situated approximately 28 km from Malaga Airport, 20 km along the coast towards Cadiz and when you reach a coastal village of Fuengirola, turn off the motorway and head 8 km up towards the mountains.

Mijas is a white village with narrow streets, numerous restaurants where you can eat at any time of the day and famous for it’s “Burro Taxi” (Donkey Taxis) and Horse Carriages. With the mountains on one side and the sea on the other, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Costa del Sol almost from any street or square and with good weather and a clear sky you can even see the mountains of Morocco & Gibraltar.

Another beautiful village well worth visiting is Nerja. Nerja is the complete opposite direction from the airport, about 50 km east of Malaga along the coast. It is famous for “Las Cuevas de Nerja” (The Nerja Caves, discovered in 1959 where primitive paintings have been found and are now believed to be just the entrance to a linked series of potholes stretching many miles into the mountains) and “El Balcón de Europa” (The Balcony of Europe, which has stunning views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the old town of Nerja, where you can find shops, bars & restaurants). Other places of interest whilst visiting Nerja are the Aquaduct (dating from the 19th century), the Baroque Hermitage of Las Angustias (17th century) and the Church of El Salvador.

And last but not least of many recommended places to visit in Malaga is the village of Ronda, situated approximately 100 km from Malaga capital city. It sits on a plateau of a large rock outcropping which offers incredible picturesque views from nearly any part of the old town. A charming mountain road with more beautiful views that links Ronda with the Costa del Sol.

Ronda stands on an altitude of 739m and has a population of around 35,000 inhabitants. The old part of the town retains its Moorish influence with narrow streets and a number of interesting historical places to see. The main place that characterises Ronda, and is well known for, is “El Tajo” (also called The Gorge, 120m deep, which separates the old part of town from the new. Three bridges span The Gorge but the most famous one is “Puente Nuevo” (The New Bridge) which is the main image of Ronda when seen in pictures.

We hope you have time to visit as many towns & villages as possible, every single one is worth it. As you can see car hire Malaga will not only make your trip to your hotel more comfortable, but will give you advantage on your holidays making you able to reach places which you would not be able without a vehicle, but don’t forget to also relax and chill by the pool or on the beach soaking up the sun. That’s what malaga’s all about…you can’t go back home without being able to show off your spanish tan!


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