A trip by car in Malaga

There is no doubt that if we´d ask the foreign tourists visiting our country about an outstanding holiday destination in Spain, many of them would answer “Costa del Sol”. If you were to ask about which city in this area they would choose, there would be several responses like Estepona, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Nerja and Marbella in particular, as it is along the coast of the province of Malaga where you can really live and know southern mediterranean life style, but distances are not short, so remember to check prices for Malaga car hire and continue reading.

Starting from the west of the province we find Estepona, one of the top tourist destinations in the western part of the province. Very close, only 34 kilometers to the east is situated Marbella, first and foremost destination in the Costa del Sol where settle colonies of foreign tourists of many countries in Europe, often looking for a home purchase as a second home in a warm area and with unbeatable beaches.

Continuing along the coastline towards the east and in the same distance from Marbella to Estepona, we find Fuengirola, a multicultural population since its foundation and whose 8 kilometers of beaches have the Blue Flag award, demonstrating the quality of its coast, making it a perfect place to holiday or live all year round.

Following our trip up the coast of Malaga and just 22 kilometers from the capital, we stop in Benalmadena, perfect town if we are looking for entertainment and many activities, especially during the summer, such as amusement parks, aquariums, and a splendid marina.

Just a 5 minutes´ drive away is Benalmadena and Torremolinos, which, after being originally a small fishing village, became in the 50’s and 60´s destination and place of residence for many foreigners seeking sun and sand.

Continuing east we come to Malaga, the capital of the province and without doubt one of the Spanish cities with more history and tourism; its numerous attractions make it an appealing destination not only to visit but to live there permanently.

We finish our tour in Nerja, almost bordering the province of Granada; this is one of the coastal towns of the province which mostly has retained its true essence, and where the population of British has found the perfect area to buy a second home and spend long periods.


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