Convertible & Cabriolet

Convertible hire Malaga

In 1910 the manufacturer Cadillac created the first convertible car.

However, cabriolet models hadn’t become commercially successful until the ’80s, when they started to fill luxury car parks all over the world. Some of them were Chrysler LeBaron, Saab 900, Ford Escort XR3i and Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The cabriolet industry has grown enormously since ’90. Nowadays, we can see wonderful models from car brands and manufacturers like Mazda, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and many others.

These are the cabriolet models we are offering for car rental in Malaga:



GROUP SM – Mercedes CLK Cabrio Automatic

GROUP SM – BMW 3 Series Cabrio Automatic

Group SM – Volvo C70 Cabrio Automatic

GROUP SE – Mini Cooper Cabrio
GROUP SF – Mini Cooper Cabrio Automatic

GROUP SE – Mini One Cabrio
GROUP SF – Mini One Cabrio Automatic