Car hire companies challenge the crisis with an average occupation of 90%

car hire dealsThe car hire companies in Andalusia register this month an average occupation of over 90% of their fleet and are suffering to a lesser extent that other subsectors of the tourism the fall of the national market, as their customers are mainly foreign.

The representatives of the employer’s organisations Aeca and Aesva coincided in pointing out that the business in August is resulting very similar to the same month last year, although a certain change of the client’s habits can be observed due to the economic crisis. In the same way the Spanish tourists have cut down the number of accommodation days to reduce expenses, the Spanish clients of these companies choose to hire their vehicles for less days, and also go for cheaper models.

The president of the Entrepreneurial Association of Andalusian Car Hires (Aeca), explained that the clients choose the cars for a certain amount of days, not for their whole stay on the Costa del Sol. Car hire companies suffer to a lesser extent the decrease of the national tourism, as they do not depend so much on Spanish market.

The British, Nordics, French and Germans take over the demand of the 98 Aeca-associated companies, whose fleet has around 55.000 vehicles in the region, the majority on the Costa del Sol, and that have also observed an increase of Russian clients. In the client’s profile, another factor to bare in mind is that many of the national tourists that travel to Andalusia, drive down in their own vehicles, which is why they don’t need this service.

The most demanded vehicle in August is a five-door model with air-conditioning of a medium-economic level for one week, a period that tends to extend in September. This summer has had no offer problems whatsoever regarding lack of fleet.

Apart from booking cheaper cars for less days, the entrepreneurial association have also proven that these reservations are still being made in the last minute, which is why the dynamics, observed by the hotel entrepreneurs, repeat.

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