Cabrio car hire in Malaga: Should you? Review and what to know

Finally summer has arrived and many of us have the image in our minds of enjoying a ride with a brand new cabrio car hire along a mediterranean motorway or through the streets of one of the popular resorts of the Costa del Sol.

The truth is that there is nothing better than feeling the wind under the open sky while driving your convertible, but to be honest, during the day in summer the sun is so strong that we definitely recommend a hat! If you don’t, you’ll feel like a “fried egg” sitting in the seat of your convertible car at a traffic light feeling the temperature of over 30 degrees Celsius. The best times to enjoy your Cabrio are the cooler morning hours and of course in the evenings.

The Costa del Sol has less than 45 rainy days per year so it’s a real paradise for convertibles. The inhabitants of the northern hemisphere logically associate a convertible with summer; in fact, here on the Costa del Sol you can enjoy this car at almost any time of year, from spring to autumn.

Most people usually travel with at least one more person, and as you share costs, it’s a great way to hire and drive a convertible on your holidays in Malaga. They’re great fun and…let’s face it…it´s s an eye catcher!

Among the wide range of convertibles of the best brands, the Mini Cabrio convertible remains among the most coveted of the moment. Enjoy the real pleasure of driving, feeling the wind on your skin on the open and enjoying the scenery.

Why hiring a cabrio?

When you travel to a destination like Malaga with so many sunny days, many people want to feel the breeze over their heads when they drive. Also a convertible car is much easier to drive, because of the wide visibility from the seat.

When to hire a cabrio car in Malaga, at Malaga airport, offers several convertibles of different brands and categories such as: Peugeot 207 Cabrio 4, Mini One Cabrio, Mini Cooper Cabrio automatic, Mercedes CLK Cabrio, BMW 3 Series Cabrio, Volvo C70 Cabrio, Mercedes CLK Cabrio automatic, BMW 3 Series Cabrio automatic and Volvo C70 Cabrio automatic. Minimum age to hire a Cabrio is 27.

Generally, the demand during the high season (July and August) is very high, so we recommend to hire in advance.We can always recommend check prices for a convertible car hire in Malaga. Driving your own car is more convenient for traveling, so you will not have to rely on public transportation or o taking taxis which will ultimately turns out a lot more expensive than renting a car.

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