Automatic car hire Malaga

If you want to drive and enjoy our roads without worrying about anything else, you may be interested in an automatic car hire in Malaga.  We have plenty of models, so it will be easy for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

From automatic convertibles cars  to large capacity vehicles. Whic one do you prefer?

Automatic cars for hire available

Below some of the automatic models we are offering for rent at Malaga airport; they may change as we renew our fleet every year.


PB GROUP – Opel Zafira Automatic

PB GROUP – Ford S-MAX Automatic

PH GROUP – Chrysler Voyayer Automatic

PH GROUP – KIA Carnival Automatic

SM GROUP – Mercedes CLK Cabrio Automatic

SM GROUP – BMW 3 Series Cabrio Automatic

SM Group – Volvo C70 Cabrio Automatic

SF GROUP – Mini Cooper Cabrio Automatic

SF GROUP – Mini One Cabrio Automatic

LK GROUP – Mercedes C Class Automatic


LK GROUP – BMW 3 Series Automatic

LK GROUP – Audi A4 Automatic

LO GROUP – Mercedes E Class Automatic

LO GROUP – Jaguar S-Type Automatic

LO GROUP – Jaguar XF Automatic

LS GROUP – Mercedes S Class Automatic

LS GROUP – BMW 7 Series Automatic

LS GROUP – Mercedes CLS Automatic

XQ GROUP – BMW X3 Automatic


XU GROUP – Audi Q7 Automatic

XU GROUP – VW Touareg Automatic

XU GROUP – Mercedes ML Automatic

Is an automatic car hire in Malaga for you?

If you are considering an automatic car hire in Malaga but have never driven one, do not worry. Driving an automatic car is very easy and some customers prefer it over the manual transmission.

Why hiring an automatic car? The short answer would be comfort, as you only have to worry about driving. Some people still prefer manual transmission, as the driving feeling is different.

We have some models available in both transmissions, so you can choose the car you like automatic or manual.

So which kind of transmission do you prefer? Automatic or manual?