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Spanish fruit and vegetables for tourists at Malaga airport – Costa del Sol

The Spanish government has installed in five international airports, including Malaga airport – Costa del Sol, a campaign to promote consumption of Spanish fruits and vegetables. Thus, there have been set up at the departures of the airport several stands … … read more

Malaga airport and the Costa del Sol – Spanish premier destination for Brits

Malaga airport – Costa del Sol continues to grow and is positioned as the fourth most important in Spain. In the first half of this year it has seen an increase in both passengers and operations, as reported by AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation). … read more

Works finished at the second airfield at Malaga airport

Malaga airpor new runwayAfter four years of work is now finished the second runway at Malaga airport and after a test period will be opened probably in the first quarter of 2012. The new runway will double the number of operations to 72 flights and over 9,000 passengers per hour. … read more

Malaga airport News: Cancellation of strikes during Easter

The threat of a possible strike at Malaga airport during the Easter week and during some days in summer was perceived by both tourists and the tourism industry as a black cloud that could ruin both the holidays of the … … read more