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Malaga news, tips and guides for your visit to the Costa del Sol.

Malaga fair 2013

Malaga Fair is a celebration that is taking place since the entry of the Catholic Kings on August 19, 1487 after the conquest of the city. This celebration has undergone some changes in its location since its beginning and can … … read more

Enjoy Malaga’s charm on your holidays

With an excellent climate all year round, Malaga significantly attracts tourists from all over the continent. It’s an ideal destination for those travellers looking for sun and beaches, attractions that are promoted with its leisure offer.

The beaches in Malaga are located in the very capital city. These beaches have all the equipment and communications that a visitor would desire. Along its 14 kms of coast, Malaga offers its holidaymakers a total of 16 beaches, of which, the most popular are: La Malagueta, La Misericordia, El Palo or Pedregalejo. … read more

The Costa del Sol, the Spaniards’ favourite destination for the summer holidays

The Spaniards have frozen their budget for travelling this year, although the majority don’t renounce to their summer trip that’s usually to a coastal destination, mainly national, and that usually lasts between a week and a fortnight, according to a research called Travelling Habits of the Spaniards, elaborated by a well-known travel website. The Costa del Sol leads the favourite destinations.

Costa del Sol overview … read more

Enjoy Malaga all year round

Malaga is an ideal destination to enjoy its culture and the most recommendable starting point to set out on the best routes throughout the Costa del Sol.

Malaga has been positioned as the second most important city in Andalusia and is currently one of the most coveted destinations by the national and international tourism. It’s strategically situated between the sea and the mountains. Its excellent geographic location and its privileged climatology allow practically 300 days of sun a year. … read more

Costa del Sol…Sun, beach, entertainment and fun!

The city of Malaga is located in the south of mainland Spain right on the Mediterranean coast. The coastal area around Malaga, the Costa del Sol, is rightly called “sun coast” because the climate here is very warm and sunny. … read more

Cultural programs for tourist visiting Malaga on the Costa del Sol

Malaga City Council has organized an extensive program of cultural activities for tourists visiting the city. These activities will take place in the days of greater influx of cruise passengers in various downtown locations. These enclaves are Plaza de Constitution, Alcazabilla Street and Plaza del Obispo. … read more

Golf in Marbella

Marbella on the Costa del Sol can probably be described rightly as the centre of golf in Europe. As soon as you arrive from the airport in Malaga to Marbella, you can see on both sides of the highway a number of beautiful Golf courses. … read more

Easter week in Malaga, Spain

Although Spain is a perfect destination for Easter for the double attractive offer of beautiful landscapes to enjoy beaches and relaxation, it is also a land of traditions to live the spirit of this week with the colour and tradition of centuries. … read more

Malaga in Spain, not only a sun and beach holiday destination

The Costa del Sol is not what it used to be. If only a decade ago, the airport of reference of this beautiful Andalusian region, Malaga airport, brought central European tourists anxious to spend a month, a fortnight or a week doing nothing more than spending their days sunbathing and enjoying the cold beers, Gazpachos and fried fish, today, this holiday destination has become a place that attracts other travellers: those that seek more than sun and beaches, and for those we have special offers on car hire Malaga, check our quote now or after reading this interesting article about Malaga and the Costa del Sol. … read more

An App for mobile devices offers cultural and tourist information of Andalusia

Cultural Routes of Andalusia’, a technological App designed for smartphones and tablets (with GPS and compass), that will allow its users to obtain, via its geolocation, advanced cultural information, as well as commercial, leisure or gastronomic, amongst others, of the place or site they want to visit. The presentation took place in Malaga’s Chamber of Commerce in front of many companies related to cultural tourism or leisure, travel agencies, hotels, etc. As it’s a public service, these entities have the chance to offer their products and services for free in this application. … read more