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Ryanair maintain their operations at Malaga airport

Ryanair maintain their operations at Malaga airport despite having cancelled fifteen routes in Spain … read more

Flights from Malaga airport

Both Delta Air Lines and German airline Lufthansa offer new flights from Malaga airport, the available options are the new direct flights to Berlin and to New York. … read more

Alliance between Estepona and Air Europa

Estepona’s town hall signed a collaboration agreement yesterday with the airline company Air Europa to promote the municipality on their 38 airplanes in all national and international flights. The tourist Board councillor,  pointed out that over ten million passengers that … … read more

Helitt will be opening a new route from Malaga to Palma de Mallorca

The Malaga based airline, Helitt Airlines, will be connecting Malaga and Palma de Mallorca as from the following 2nd of June. This connection will be every Saturday, departing Palma at 13:10 hrs. On the other hand, the departure from Malaga airport is scheduled at 15:30 hrs. The airline assured that the price per journey will be from 50 euros. … read more

Volotea transports 18.000 passengers in its first month of operations in Spain

Volotea, the new low cost airline, launched by the founders of Vueling, has completed its first month of operations transporting 18.000 passengers on the 238 flights operated during this period. … read more

Volotea the new low cost airline opens routes to Malaga airport

VoloteaVolotea, the new low cost airline, have announced their irruption in the national connections business with the opening of two routes from Malaga airport to Oviedo and Zaragoza as from the 15th of June. The company has scheduled three direct flights a week to each one of these destinations in the north of Spain. These connections are added to the ones already established to Venice and Bordeaux, with two and three flights per week as from the 26th of April and the 22nd of June, respectively. … read more

Iberia Express will be offering flights from Malaga airport for 25 euros

Iberia expressFlying out from Malaga airport towards sixteen other destinations for the modest price of 25 euros per journey, will now be a reality, but only as a limited promotional offer to celebrate the launching of the new Iberia Express, the low cost subsidiary of the company for short journeys, that will begin to operate a total of 17 routes in 2012 (twelve national and five international) as from this upcoming Sunday. They expect to transport 2.5 million passengers in their first year. … read more

Ryanair recovers the flights to Malaga and Malaga from Villanubla

RyanairThe routes will begin to operate again towards the end of March

The airline Ryanair announced this Thursday that as from the last week of March, the routes that connect Valladolid with Milan and Malaga will start to operate again. This way, “the airport’s offer for the summer season will increase”, they assured. “In total, Ryanair will be operating six routes next summer, assuring the good results achieved by the Valladolid airport in 2011”, the airline informed. … read more

The second runway at Malaga Airport opens in early 2012

The second runway at Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol enters service in the first quarter of 2012.

Malaga airport runaway … read more

Spanish rail strike on September 26 and 29 will affect Malaga airport trains

215 trains of all types circulating in Andalucia can be affected by strikes summoned by the Spanish labor commission for today and September 29. … read more